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Dumper Truck Tyre Care

In the world of Dumper trucks there’s one thing that’s for sure…

At some point you’ll need to replace or repair your tyres.new-5

Similar to owning a car, a bike or any vehicle: tyre maintenance is essential.

Like all: Dumper truck tyres are in constant contact with the roads surface which is why it’s important proper maintenance is upheld at all times- in order to get the most from your machinery.

And, If that wasn’t enough -tyres play a large part of the safety of the dumper truck as well as its performance. Braking, steering and acceleration all rely on the condition of the trucks tyres.

With this in mind you can now see why it’s so important to ensure that your dumper truck tyres are replaced or repaired on a regular basis.

Dumper truck tyre replacement in your business doesn’t necessarily need to mean tyre purchase, in fact instead there are options for tyre loan or tyre leasing as required.

These great options mean you’re able to provide tyres with the right level of attention, be safety conscious in your everyday business movements as well as being risk free without causing too much disruption to the running of your business while keeping the costs to a minimum too.

So what are the benefits of opting for leased tyres?

When you lease tyres for your dumper truck you can be sure of the quality you’re receiving. After all, they come directly from C&C Tyres: the North West’s leading tyre service suppliers. Leasing tyres from C&S also means regular replacement plans will be imposed during the term of the lease ensuring that the vehicle they’re fitted on meet health and safety regulations on the road.

Possibly the biggest benefit of tyre leasing is that it’s incredibly cost effective. Though there’s of course, an initial cost to be taken into account: no further charges are put in place during the term of the lease; meaning that you will have new, high quality tyres when you need them.

Knowing where to go to find high quality dumper truck tyres that are at a great price can really be beneficial to your business. Here at C&S Tyres, our customers are at the heart of the services we provide which is why all tyre leasing services provided are competitively priced.

Here at C&S Tyres, we spend the time discussing the variety of aspects which make up your operation and the uses that you have for your dumper trucks. Using C&S Tyres means customers can be sure they receive high quality tyres at the right price for you; as well as ensuring high quality and safety in an area where this is really important.

Ultimately, when the time comes for you to look into dumper truck tyre replacement, repair, tyre loan, tyre leasing or of course tyre purchase you will need to ensure that you approach industry experts: C&S Tyres.


Contact C&S Tyres today for more information and leave all your ‘tyre-some’ problems to us.