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Dumper Truck Tyres

Tyre Protection for your Vehicle Tyres

dumper-truck-tyre-repairTyres are made up of a number of compounds, depending on the brand of tyre, some have more polymer materials than others to help increase resistance to friction which prove valuable for industrial and commercial tyre users. Whilst tyre wear is unavoidable, preventing minor repairs and increasing tyre wear has been something C and S Tyres are committed to delivering Tyre vulcanising service and repairs for haulage companies, plant machinery contractors and aggregate companies. Just Like C and S Tyres delivering tyre prevention methods, other methods like traction chains are a great way of protecting your tyres in ground that is unstable.

70 years of tyre protection methods

Innovative and industrial minded Erlau celebrates 70 years of tyre protection. The company has been known for its revolutionary invention of the tyre chain for combating snow for a number of large international and cross country haulage companies. Furthermore, developing chain wraps for industrial plant machinery.

What are TPCs?

TPC stands for Tyre Protection Chains. Tyre protection chains were developed as a concept for world war 2 vehicles that where used for excavation and transporting materials that would greatly reduce the wear to the tyre, preventing replacements that where hard to acquire during the war. For this reason, something had to be done about the mining or resources and the methodology which was being used to do so. Tyres went through so much wear that they needed to constantly be replaced due to the slate, flint, and other debris puncturing the tyres. One particular cause of tread wear is warping.

The concept of the TCP was drawn for protecting tyres against punctures and abrasions by Erlau in a very crude manner, but an effective one. Like many of the best inventions, it was born of necessity. The functionality of the TCP is rather simple in concept. The warp is designed for industrial tyres which fits securely around plant machinery wheels. With the chain in place, slate, flint, and other such materials common in the mining and industrial field, prevent penetration to the tyre. The reward is fewer tyre replacement, greater production times and further finances reward.

Versatility, functionality, cost, and durability

One of the greatest benefits of the TPC is the versatility of use. For example: if a machine becomes damaged due to a faulty valve or a blown piston, the TPCs can be removed and added to the replacement machine without too much difficulty. The chain also has multiple functionality uses with various industrial machines within a single company.

Tyres need to be maintained to overcome the failures that rubber and friction give to moving vehicles with heavy loads like dump trucks.

Erlau’s contribution to the safety of industrial plant vehicles has not only saved businesses time and money, but also saved lives. This goes without saying that tyres that are not well maintained, means you are risking the lives of your employees safety. Punctures, warping and deflation can all increase the probability of accidents. As an business you are responsible for the maintenance of your vehicles (dump trucks) and the lives of your employees.

Why have your tyre repaired by C and S Tyres

Just like the tyre chains, tyre repair can be the affordable repair option for any business in an construction industry with large field equipment.

Ideal for mining and aggregate vehicles, tyre protection repairs provide a protective shield against elements which would otherwise render the vehicle inoperable. Since new tyres can be a costly upfront cost, dependent upon the type of machinery being used, it can be a quicker turnaround to getting your dumper truck back on the job.

How can C and S Tyres help your dump trucks keep going?

The tyres of your dump truck play an important role to your business or construction project. Whether you are a machinery plant hire company or have a fleet of dump trucks in your business, we can help. C and S Tyres are tyre handlers that provide a service to industrial and commercial business nationwide. When your tyres fail to perform, we will call out and offer a breakdown service to your fleet of dumper trucks.

A commitment to help your vehicles perform

We will ensure your dumper truck is not preventing your business from being on the road. We provide a range of dumper truck tyre supplies. This means we can lease you a temporary dump truck tyre while we repair your old tyre. (See our tyre vulcanising services)

How else can C and S Tyres help?

  • Leasing dump truck tyres
  • Purchasing new dump truck tyres
  • Purchasing second hand or used dump truck tyres
  • Supply new dump truck wheels
  • Dumper truck Tyre maintenance