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Tractor tyres

Tractor tyresHere at C&S Tyres we supply tyres for a range of tractor types for use in the agricultural industry including; Utility tractor tyres, row crop tractor tyres and four wheel- drive tractor tyres.

The Tractor Industry

The world revolves around a harvest. Where most of us don’t think about where that delicious produce comes from or where that meal from that top rated restaurant originated, the truth is that there is a great deal of work that goes into getting the harvest. No one can better understand the harvest than the harvester and every harvester will acknowledge that a great year is dependent on a great tractor with great tractor tyres.

The ever evolving status quo

Every year tractor companies come out with newer models. Why is this? The answer can be found in the crops that are yielded by newer tractors. For example the Hawe-Wester SUW 4000 has a load capacity of 23 tons. Those which are familiar with the model will note that the Hawe-Wester SUW 4000 is a variation of the Grain Chasers which have been around for 20 years. However, you will also note that the newer model yields a greater crop.

The evolving status quo is not just for grain chasers, but for tractors across the board. The industry is quickly accommodating for any lags that are caused by tractor loading and unloading. This is mainly due to the massive amount of legislation supporting newer, larger, trailers within the UK. Because the government is focused on driving the agricultural industry forward, many incentives have been put into place to encourage both the farmers and the harvesters to seek out larger, more efficient machines in which to do their work. Legislation has also been passed which gives incentives to those harvesters that can produce larger yields without harming the soil quality of the crop. Older tractors tend to have a bad reputation for producing at a slower rate, having a lower ton capacity per load, and having tyres that upset the soil of the crop. Logistically speaking, new tractors (or at least updates to current tractors) increase production and therefore increase profitability.

Great Tyres

Updating the tyres on your tractor is a critical element in maintaining a well-organized logistics on your harvest. Older tractors tend to have tires which are becoming more difficult to find. This is not to say that they cannot be found, but that the price for these older tires are rising and the availability is diminishing. Considering the performance of the older, smaller tractors, it may be time to update the tractor that you are using. When looking at the tyres which are currently trending you will find that there are a few sizes which are becoming more and more popular. They are:

  • 700 – Currently trending on the Niagri forward trailer (which uses 700/40 x R22.5) and the Hawe-Wester (which uses 700/50 x R26.5), these tyres can support a load between 15 to 23 tons easily.


  • 600 – The 600 tyre is common for the walk floor trailers. These trailers are used primarily in potato harvesters and such crop growers. The ability to load and unload by a dual direction conveyor belt is ideal for such harvesters. One example of a floor walk trailer that uses the 600 tyre would be the Krampe Bandit 760 which uses 600/55 x R26.5 tyres.


  • 560 – The K-Two Rodeo HP 1800 and several ejector trailers use the 560 tyte. Specifically, the K-Two Rodeo uses 560/60 R22.5, but there are small variations dependent on the brand of trailer being used. The ejector trailer is known for carrying (as in the case of the K-Two Rodeo) loads of 20,000kg.


A common tread

Although the tyre size may change, you will see that there have been common changes to the typical tractor tyre. Because of UK legislation, larger tractors are allowed on roads. Yet, there is still a concern about mud and such debris build-up from these larger tractors. To answer the concerns, the tyre industry has modified their tyres so that there is less soil taken from the field. This benefits both the harvester, as the field gets less damaged by the device harvesting, as well as those which drive roads in which tractors have travelled, as there is less mud and therefore less of a chance for accidents caused by tractor debris.

Harvesters be prepared

Where the common argument in investing in new tractor tyres is the expense, harvesters should consider the alternative. Should their tractor become defective due to not being able to purchase new tyres, or if the tractor becomes inoperable because a faulty tyre has bent an axle or rim, than the financial losses which would accumulate would be grave. Instead of risking a negative yield on your crops, downtime from your harvesting, or damaged soil due to deficient tyres, take the time to inspect your tractor’s tyres and purchase new or used tractor tyres from C and S Tyres range of tyre stock.

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